Matty getting his hair braided now in gif form

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When luke and I are at social gatherings we get out our matching flannels n dazzle people with our dance routines

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On The Run Tour: Houston

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\ ʕ ᴖ ᴥ ᴖ ʔ /

\ ʕ ᴖ ᴥ ᴖ ʔ /

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Harry showing off his juggling skills

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"If a rose is a rose and a rose is a rose, then is a rose a rose?"

"What does chocolate smell like?"

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when ur friend starts liking something u rly like


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there’s a lot of unspoken pressure to keep liking the things you used to like and to keep dressing the way you’ve always dressed and to never question what you believe in and basically “be yourself” has slowly morphed into “be what everyone knows you as” but trust me when i say if you just give it up and simply make decisions and take actions based purely on what would make you happy, you’ll gain a very comforting sense of self peace   

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You don’t know true frustration until you’ve dug several times through a pile of black clothing, in order to find a SPECIFIC article of black clothing.


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Harry and Louis’s duet in Use Somebody


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